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Liberty Construction is a family-owned general contractor serving the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.

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Liberty Construction is excited to showcase on our homepage a unique project from every year, giving our clients ideas to inspire their own projects. See what's possible when you design and build with Liberty!


Virginia Pediatric & Adolescent Center

Springfield, Virginia
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Naderi Medical Center

Reston, Virginia
View Project


Eyes on Norbeck

Rockville, Maryland
View Project


Pet Parents

Bethesda, Maryland
View Project


Ideal Endodontics

Washington, DC
View Project


Facial Art Oral Surgery

Alexandria, Virginia
View Project
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What Clients Say

Liberty Construction is dedicated to client satisfaction, and it shows! We're always updating our testimonials page with a new success story or a client’s video follow up where they describe the design and construction process with Liberty Construction from start to finish.

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Responding to Challenges After COVID-19

We're experiencing a huge shift in how we prioritize safety. You may be considering upgrades to your office space to better protect customers and staff. If you're looking for a contractor to build your next space, choose one that will help you design it so that it brings peace of mind to your occupants.

Liberty Construction builds spaces that are prepared for the future so our clients can stay ahead.
How we help clients prepare for the future

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