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4 Elements To Designing Your Dental Practice

October 15, 2020

Are you planning to expand your dental practice by building a new office? Because dental office construction in DC is a huge investment, you should make sure the process is as efficient as possible! Aside from considering the overall functionality of the construction, interior design elements should also be a top priority when you start your planning.

Where can I find Dental Office Construction in DC?

What are the 4 Design Elements of a Dental Office?


You can use color and texture to accentuate a simple, yet elegant design. One way to effectively do this is by hanging art pieces to complement the furniture. Connect the two through pops of color. Furthermore, bright colors encourage a positive attitude.

Color and texture combined are very important to relate to your pediatric patients. A well-balanced, yet attractive, the color scheme can make even the most anxious guests feel calm and relaxed when visiting your practice.

Natural Light

All medical environments greatly benefit from plenty of natural daylight. Aside from enhancing the body’s production of Vitamin D, it also helps regulate sleeping patterns and prevents seasonal depression.

Artificial Lighting

Your practice should have plenty of task lighting in its procedure and examination rooms. In addition, your reception and waiting areas should also have sufficient general lighting. These artificial lights can be mounted on the ceiling or the floor, depending on the size of the area. Again, you want to invite as much positivity and open light into your office as possible.


Make sure that your waiting area features a healthy mix of seating options. This may include sofas, chairs, and benches. Make sure their colors and arrangement produce a welcoming and open atmosphere.

Where can I find Dental Office Construction in DC?

The Dental Office Construction Experts in DC

Keep in mind that for most people, the idea of visiting their dentist can trigger anxiety. For this reason, it’s extremely important to come up with a design that will make your patient’s visit more enjoyable.

Liberty Group Construction is committed to making your patients’ opinion of your practice an exceptional one. If you want to know more about our services or if you would like to request an estimate, call us or visit our website.

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