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Best Office Design Practices to Follow

November 15, 2020

Perhaps you’re starting your own practice. Are you already at the point in your journey where you’ve chosen your location and gotten your pre-approval for financing? Before you even think about medical office construction in northern Virginia, there are a few crucial practices you want to follow when it comes to medical office design.



Do You Need Help with Your Medical Office Construction in Northern Virginia?

What Are the Best Practices of Medical Office Design?

Think About The “Why”

The execution of your project should heavily rely on your vision for the practice. For example, if you’re planning to work alongside multiple hygienists and associates in the office, your design should accommodate a larger administrative and clinical staff. Therefore, there should be enough space for the staff area and restrooms, a larger waiting room, and multiple check-out stations.

If you want a portion of your office to work with digital dentistry, you’d also want to think about having a room that can accommodate a CEREC® milling machine or a CT. Likewise, if you see yourself hosting seminars or study clubs in your office, you’d want to make sure you have enough space for your equipment and attendees.

Strike A Perfect Balance Between Functionality and Aesthetics

A common mistake is building an office that is solely aesthetically pleasing while completely disregarding your patients’ necessities. Meeting your patients’ needs won’t be a problem if you have an office that’s not only beautiful but functioning properly as well. Aside from your aesthetic, your plan should also incorporate clinical function while integrating technology and ergonomic design.

Be sure that your floor plan allows room for growth without wasting space. A great medical office provides a comfortable environment for the patients as well as the staff. Your design should ensure an easy flow between rooms so that foot traffic is comfortable. Planning ahead allows us to implement more preventative measures, maintaining safety throughout the space.

Ensure Enough Space for New Technology

Researchers are always creating ways to make the medical field more accurate and efficient. Updated technology makes it easier for you and your staff to provide quicker and higher quality patient services. What’s more, it also gives your current and potential patients the impression that your practice is on the cutting-edge of patient care. SO, make sure your office has extra room for technological growth!



Do You Need Help with Your Medical Office Construction in Northern Virginia?

Do You Need Help with Your Medical  Office Construction in Northern Virginia?

Designing your own medical office that meets your team’s needs and those of your patients can be a bit challenging. Liberty Group Construction will make sure that your patients’ experience with your practice is an exceptional one. Call us or submit our online form to request an estimate.

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