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Construction Site Surveillance

February 19, 2018

Millions of dollars are lost to construction equipment theft every year. The security challenge is difficult but technology now offers owners and construction managers the ability to have complete oversight of their project site. It should come as no surprise that with the thousands of dollars that are at play in most construction sites these days, construction companies now seek a diversity of security technologies to protect their assets. As a design-build company ourselves, we see great value in offering this kind of service to our clients. Want to have peace of mind? Make sure your contractor offers this type of service before signing any agreement. Consider this when adding security surveillance to your job site.

  • Use security video combined with wireless communications to an off-site monitoring facility. This will provide you the convenience of monitoring your jobsite in realtime from virtually anywhere with a internet connection.
  • Set up extra lighting and/or motion-censored lights around the jobsite. Darkness invites crime, so the more light you have the better the protection.
  • Adding some type of barrier protection, like a fence or guardrail, makes it tougher for the bad guys to get in and to take your supplies out. Look for ways to keep the important items properly secured and protected with barriers.
  • Having just one entry point in and out of your jobsite will cut down on crime. A popular trend right now is Geofencing, a virtual barrier using GPS to track behaviors using mobile phones. This has been particularly helpful for payroll and inventory.
  • For those professional contractors that rely on their tools and equipment to get their jobs done it’s important to take safety precautions. Construction companies can become an easy target for theft — both during and after work hours.
  • There are many ways that you can ensure tools and material goods are kept safe, from extra lighting around the jobsite to storing your tools in a lock tight storage box.
  • While these tips will not guarantee your important items are always safe, it will strongly help deter theft and vandalism. Construction site crime cannot only cause financial hardship but also delay production schedules.
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