As Times Change, Our Priorities Have To Shift. Liberty Group Builds Spaces That Are Prepared For The Future So Our Clients Can Stay Ahead

Workplace and public safety is being taken to a new level of consideration with everything we do. If you have plans to construct a new space for your practice, or just want to add a degree of protection to your existing office, Liberty Group Construction can help. We take pride in our reputation for building spaces at the highest standard of design, function, and safety. As clients continue to ask us how to build to withstand the test of time, our team of experts is keeping up with the latest so that we can advise you in the direction that saves you both money and headaches. The spaces we build comes with the level of quality and peace of mind that your customers and patients will be thankful for.

Covid 19 Posts

Re-opening your practice, but need to make some safety upgrades? There’s more than just the PPP loan to help!

Aras Sanati

Many business owners turned to the Paycheck Protection Program to help cover their payroll expenses when trying to operate during the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. In June 2020, the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act was passed on to make it easier to use and take advantage of the PPP loans. Businesses will now have 24 weeks to restore payroll and can use 40% of the forgiven amount for non-payroll costs as defined in the original act. However, great care should be exercised accounting for the 60% used for payroll.  It’s a firm boundary – businesses must use at least 60% of the total loan amount for payroll or no forgiveness will be available. The remaining 40% can now be used for qualified non-payroll costs (previously just 25%). You also may have up to December 31st, 2020 to use the funds.

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The shift to telemedicine, and how it may impact your medical office design

Aras Sanati

Practice and office configurations have been some of the first things to change in the current- and post-COVID world.  How can you adjust your space to help your patients feel safe?  And what needs to be done to accommodate the increasing demand for Telemedicine and Teledentistry?  Ease of conversion, functionality, patient privacy, visual appeal, and cost are all factors to consider. Normally, having these discussions with a construction/renovation group wouldn’t be your first decision, but here’s why it should be in your top 3.

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The How’s and Why’s of Re-Opening Your Practice

Aras Sanati

As we move onto our 7th month of COVID-19 entering our lives, people are eager to start reopening their businesses. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has been regularly posting updates and other information regarding COVID. We urge all our clients who are business owners to subscribe to all the CDC updates under their "For Employers & Businesses" page. Just recently, they put out an article explaining things to look out for when planning to reopen, and we've decided to summarize the main takeaways as it relates to design and construction modifications to your existing practice or new space.

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