Eye Smile Optometry and Dental Care

Dr. Yvonelle Moreau and Dr. Keith James

Arlington, Virginia

Project Description

Eye Smile Optometry and Dental Care

4231 Columbia Pike, Arlington VA 22204
Year completed: 2020

This wasn't Liberty Construction's first dual optometry and dental practice project, however the anticipated challenge still began at design where the goal was to ensure that Dr. Moreau's dental care side and Dr. James' optometry side both feel very spacious and unique from one another while sharing the overall design intent. It was crucial that both of these incredibly talented doctors have enough space to perform their work and that they accommodate both types of patients with an adequately sized shared waiting area. What really stands out in this office are the beautiful light fixtures that the doctors chose themselves which really enhance the modern feel of the office. The blue accent walls and furniture, along with the white casework all compliment the overall theme and branding very well inside the space. The glass storefront also works great to display products to anyone walking by the Centro Arlington building, where in fact our finish trade division Liberty Interiors was also contracted out to do much of the tile work which you can see in our hospitality portfolio. This project was a great example of involvement and teamwork from two clients with great taste.

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