Hiring and Retaining Employees

February 19, 2018

Most dental practices must understand that the single most important task that contributes to their success is employing successful employment processes. The development of accurate job titles and descriptions is essential to properly communicate the needs of the practice. Candidates must be clear of the expectations, job responsibilities and the knowledge skill set and abilities required to fulfill the work for which they are applying. Most practices use job descriptions as a prequel to hiring. But developing a job description is where most practices stop. To hire and retain emotionally intelligent employees who expect more from their employers, another step is necessary. Job enrichment motivates employees by giving them a career track that includes higher pay, increased responsibility, and variety. Jobs are meant to evolve overtime, specially within the dental industry. For this reason it is important to strive for positive impact on attitude and productivity by allowing employees to have more control over the planning of their daily tasks. Start by allowing them to decide how to accomplish their tasks as you evaluate their efforts and provide feedback. Points to Consider Appropriate items for a job application include a work history, salary history, reason for leaving previous employment, and at least four professional references. A more personal interview approach could be implemented for those candidates who move on to the next round of the hiring process. It is always a good idea to have your candidates interviewed by several people, allowing them to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses you may have missed. Preselect questions for the interview and ask the same questions of all applicants to avoid bias. Here are some samples of questions you could include: Why are you applying for this position? What made you choose this field of employment? How might you calm a nervous or angry patient? Why are you leaving your current position? Why do you feel you are the best candidate for this position? How To Hire Good Employees

  • Take an inventory of your current team members.
  • Develop accurate job descriptions.
  • Develop a job application form.
  • Employ effective advertising techniques.
  • Conduct personal interviews using preselected questions.
  • Conduct second interviews with the finalists.
  • Check references and perform criminal record checks and substance abuse screening.
  • Use a well-designed orientation program.
  • Establish a system to measure performance periodically.
  • Deal with poor performance issues immediately and follow up on areas that need improvement.

For even more information visit: Source: DENTAL ECONOMICS

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