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Is your practice up to date? – Current trends in dental practice design

March 1, 2018

Interior design trends change every year, and medical practice design is no exception. With social media advertising and online business reviews increasing in popularity, it is more important than ever for practices to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and leave a lasting impression. The modern design and functionality of medical spaces are just as important for patients as the cleanliness, and healthcare professionals in all sectors are taking advantage of this.

Here is what to consider when wanting to stay up to date with current trends:


  • Color themes are not only important in your branding materials and website. More and more practitioners apply the colors used in their branding to their physical practice space. If your branding features include bright tones, choose a bright accent or that specific shade as a “pop of color” in minor design elements throughout your space. Muted and neutral colors are still key here to maintain a calming practice environment.

Advertising Features

  • If you own a dental clinic, then your patients strive for the perfect smile. Attractive artwork, images, and advertisements of bright white smiles and successful treatments have become a trend. The same applies with compelling images of facial features if you are a dermatologist. Conveying the desirable results of your trade is a great way for your practice to advertise its services, while easing the patient’s waiting time with positive images.

Infection Control

  • As healthcare sanitary codes become more stringent, requiring practices to enforce high hygiene control, an increase in the use of ceramic materials for flooring has been trending. Ceramic floors and quartz countertops not only ease cleaning efforts, but also allow for larger sterilized spaces.

If you want to take advantage of current design trends too, contact Liberty Group Construction for a consultation at (888) 308-6869.

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