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Liberty Group Construction in the Maryland & D.C. Construction Journal

Liberty Construction Featured In The Fall 2020 MD & DC Construction Journals Newsletter!

December 24, 2020

We are honored that the Maryland and DC Construction Journal has featured several Liberty Group Construction projects and some of our key project team players in their Fall 2020 newsletter! We highly recommend anyone considering building their commercial  space in the DMV area read the attached article and check out the rest of the Construction Journal’s newsletter.


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What’s In It?

You can see recent projects we’ve completed and read about how Liberty Group came to be! President and CEO John Sanati discusses how Liberty Group has evolved since he first founded the company in 2012. He and his son Aras are taking steps to adapt the company to the new needs of clients and have built a project success team filled with talented individuals to make this all happen. Many don’t know that before Liberty Group Construction, John Sanati spent over 40 years running a medical millwork and cabinetry company with his previous partners while expanding his independent contracting work. Starting Liberty Group with his son presented him the opportunity to utilize his knowledge of medical office design with a new team of experts in this field to build off of this specialty service.

In the article, you can read about the recent subsidiary Liberty Interiors that John and partners established to build a separate team whose focus is on larger scale commercial projects and finish work. The parent company, Liberty Construction, is still exploring different types of projects: Pet Parents, a retail boutique owned by John McNeal in Bethesda, which is featured in the article. The Liberty team is extremely excited to continue expanding on our specialties to provide professional services to a wide variety of small business owners in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

John and Aras have been working together diligently every day to improve the quality of services and provide clients a better product as the world changes, to prioritize not just design aesthetics and value engineering, but also occupant safety and adaptable design that will accommodate the needs of the future. I encourage everyone to read the article to learn more about Liberty Construction and what we strive to accomplish!


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