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Looking for furnishing and supplies for your new office? Check out these popular and affordable options!

July 1, 2019

Shopping for supplies, equipment, and furnishings for a clinic is often one of the largest business expenses every practice faces when opening. Before you start your large shopping spree, do your homework. Thoroughly researching vendors, discounts, and other options can save your business time and money. As the market has shifted to online retail, clinics now have more options than ever before. But, with those options comes the agony of choice and finding the right fit for one’s practice.

When furnishing your office, we recommend interviewing interior designers. Professionals, such as interior designers, can often acquire furnishings for wholesale prices. The advantage for a medical practice when hiring an interior designer is not only a professionally designed space, but also a discount on furnishings that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. If you are on a budget, consider shopping for furnishing outlets, or shop for used office furniture from nearby closing offices.

Clinical equipment and supplies
With so many supplies and equipment needed when opening a practice, it is often hard to know where to start. Colleagues are often a great resource, as they have bought those items before and can vouch for the value and quality of certain equipment. If you are completely at a loss, consider drafting up a list of items needed and send it to vendors asking for their bid. Often times medical equipment can also be bought used online from nearby hospitals or other offices.

Office supplies
If you are on a budget, shop for quantity when possible to save money. Many supplies have to be bought from medical supply stores, whereas other items can be purchased from a nearby Office Depot.

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