Medical Office Remodeling

Do you need to remodel your medical or dental practice? Liberty Construction can design your office by listening to your visions and turning them into a reality. We have the all-in-one solution to build your dream business!

How to Make Your Medical Practice Stand Out?

The main things that will make your practice stand out are comfort, convenience, attention to detail, functionality, and accommodation. Having an attractive yet effective office will give patients everything they need to feel less anxious and have all their needs met. The number one way to establish trust is to create long-term patients, and welcome plenty of new referrals!

Factors to Consider

There are a lot of things to consider when remodeling your medical or dental office. Knowing this information beforehand can ensure the most optimal office design both you and your patients can enjoy. After all, you only get one chance to give patients the best impression of your office. The right environment can make or break your practice’s credibility!

Before getting started on a remodeling project for your medical office, think about these factors:

  • The type of medical practice – cosmetic surgery, pediatric practice, specialty practice, etc.
  • Which equipment needs to be accommodated – any equipment with special requirements
  • The patient requirements – having commodities such as ramp access, children’s areas, etc.
  • If your practice is growing – space to expand and adapt to your practice’s changing needs
  • What procedures will take place and what kind of space would they require – complex surgeries or more straightforward procedures
  • Privacy needs for the practice – changing rooms, exam rooms, screening areas, etc.

Medical and Office Design Trends

Keeping the latest office design trends in mind can make your practice convenient for both you and your patients. When you’re planning to remodel yours, there is a lot you can do to add extra comfort and make your practice much more inviting to employees and patients.

Some trends for you to think about include the following:

Convenience Spaces

Convenience for both employees and patients is the number one goal! When thinking about changing your office's design, it's great to consider a space to accommodate your needs and the needs of your patients. For example, offering a daycare center for working parents at your office is great for employee retention. Entertainment in the waiting room is also convenient for helping patients feel less anxious before an appointment.

Expanding Outpatient Facilities

Patients should have the option to go for a test or procedure without having to stay overnight. Expanding outpatient facilities is an important thing you can do for your practice. When thinking about your practice’s outpatient facilities, you should consider the comfort and design aspects as well. For example, the type of flooring is important since it will need to handle heavy-foot and wheelchair traffic and spills.

Versatile Spaces for Employees

Medical and dental practices should incorporate versatile areas for their employees, staff members, and doctors. It’s a great way for workers to have a workstation as well as a place for having private meetings. Communal areas that can function as both a lounge space and other various needs can help create a complete office space.

Open Floor Plans

Dental offices with open floor plans make the place more spacious and inviting. They're great for creating a brighter environment, which can help ease some of your patients' anxiety. You’ll want to establish comfort and trust from the moment a patient walks in! Other medical offices can also take advantage of this trend.

Are You Ready to Remodel Your Medical or Dental Office?

We are excited to help your practice prepare for the future. Our expertise is in dental, medical, and commercial construction. Liberty Construction is dedicated and ready to assist medical professionals in getting the office of their dreams. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or if you’d like to get started on a project!

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