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What patients actually look for in medical practices

January 1, 2020

Focusing on your patient’s experience in your practice is one of the most important things you can do for your practice and its growth. After all, word-of-mouth is an essential marketing tool for your practice. Receiving positive reviews will help your practice grow for years to come. But, how to receive those glowing reviews and what do patient actually expect from their visit?

Here is what your patients are actually looking for when visiting a practice:


Having a clean and inviting office space is one of the most important aspects for patients and their reflection of the practice’s care. Maintaining a modern and updated office space not only allows for higher productivity, but also makes for happier patients as they will project this to the quality of the care they receive. Having a comfortable and well designed waiting room allows patients to use their waiting time actively to be productive. If you think allowing patients to working in the waiting room is too disruptive, consider adding simple perks like a coffee maker, a TV (provide headphones to not disturb other patients) and magazines to make for a pleasant waiting time.


Patients appreciate and value friendliness, and especially expect confidence above all from their doctors and staff. How your front desk staff treats patients when they first walk in will set the tone for the entire visit. So even on stressful days, pleasant and caring staff is key for a successful relationship with patients.


Patient expectations nowadays go above and beyond a clean office and friendly staff. Having appointment reminders and follow-up calls is just the beginning. Make your patients feel important, and be upfront about everything you do and its associated costs.

Providing your patients with an outstanding office, amazing staff, and great care with a personal touch will make you stand out from competitors, as you will be giving patients what they really want.

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